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Chef Specials

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Salmon Cho Cee

Grilled salmon topped with chili sauce and served with steamed vegetables and jasmine rice.


Thai Ginger Sauce

Your choice of protein stir fried in a savory sauce with ginger, onions, garlic, and green onions in a savory brown sauce served with jasmine rice.













Pad Cha

Sizzling stir fry with baby green peppercorn, Thai herbs, bell peppers, onions & fresh basil tossed with spicy sauce & served with Jasmine rice.


Thai Cashew Chicken

Chicken breast stir fried with onions, green onions, mixed bell peppers, and cashews in a house chili garlic sauce served with jasmine rice


Chicken Satay

6 pieces of marinated chicken skewered and grilled, served with peanut sauce



Spring Rolls

Minced vegetables wrapped in a thin pastry and fried, served with house-sweet chili sauce. (3PC)


Crispy Pork Belly

Deep-fried marinated pork belly served with a choice of Spicy Thai Sauce or Sweet Chili Sauce.


Thai Beef Jerky

Deep-fried marinated beef with Thai spicy sauce.


Pork Balls

Ground pork and glass noodles deep-fried and served with house sweet chili sauce. (6PC)


Fresh Summer Rolls

Rice paper filled with lettuce carrot, cucumber, rice noodle & basil served with house peanut sauce (2PC)


Crispy Calamari

Lightly battered and fried to a crisp served with sweet chili sauce


Shrimp in a Blanket

shrimp wrapped in a pastry and fried crispy, served with sweet chili sauce (6PC)


Kanom Jeep (Thai dumplings)

house made with thai seasoned pork, green onions, carrots, water chestnuts, steamed and topped with fried garlic (6PC)


Curry Puffs

A fun sized pie! Crispy layered pastry filled with minced chicken, potato, onion, & yellow curry sauce.

Out Of Stock


Korean BBQ Spring Rolls


Soups & Salads

Nam Tok (Yum Beef)

Grilled sliced beef mixed with ground chili, red onion, mint leaves, scallion, cilantro, roasted rice, and Thai spicy sauce.


Larb Gai (Thai Chicken Salad)

Ground chicken mixed with ground chilis, mint leaves, red onions, scallions, cilantro, roasted rice, and Thai spicy sauce.


Papaya Salad

Shredded green papaya, tomato, fresh garlic, and peanuts tossed in our house sauce and fresh lime juice


Tum Yum


Tom Kha



Pad Thai

Rice noodles stir-fried with eggs, bean sprouts, and chives in a sweet-savory sauce, topped with roasted peanuts, and served with fresh lime. Add Tofu or Chicken +$2 Beef or Pork +$3 Shrimp +$4


Green Curry

Spicy curry prepared with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and basil leaves, served with Jasmine rice.


Panang Curry

Spicy curry prepared with coconut milk, onion, and basil leaves, served with Jasmine rice.


Spicy Basil Leaves

Minced chicken stir-fried with bell peppers, onions, chili garlic sauce, and basil leaves, served with Jasmine rice


Sweet & Sour Chicken

Chicken sauteed with pineapple, tomato, zucchini, onions, bell peppers, and scallions, in our special Thai sweet and sour sauce.


Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodle)

Egg, and basil stir-fried with fresh wide noodles in Thai chili sauce.


Crab Fried Rice

Fresh crab, eggs, scallions, and onions stir-fried in a soy-based sauce.


Pineapple Fried Rice

Pineapple, onions, scallions, bell pepper, tomato, curry powder.



Stir fried noodles, bamboo shoots, onions, and green onions in a sweet and savory sauce.


House Fried Rice

Eggs, scallions, onions, and tomato stir fried in a house seasoning sauce.


Pad See Ew

Fresh wide noodles, egg and Chinese broccoli stir fried in a sweet savory sauce.


Orange Chicken

Chicken breast fried to a golden crisp and tossed in our house orange sauce served with jasmine rice


Vietnamese Pho

rice vermicicelli noodles, bean sprouts, cilantro, onions, meatballs, & thinly sliced beef in a rich house beef stock, served with lime, siracha & hoisin sauce


Thai Boat Noodles

rice noodles, stewed beef, meat balls, in house made beef broth, bean sprouts, cilantro, green onions, & celery topped with thinly sliced beef & tallow fried garlic.


Pineapple Red Curry

pineapple, Thai basil, bell peppers, and your choice in a rich and flavorful red curry sauce, served with jasmine rice


Peppered Steak

Stir fried beef with mixed bell peppers and onions in a savory house made sauce, served with jasmine rice


Spicy Basil Fried Rice

your choice of protein, basil, bell peppers onions and green onions stir fried with jasmine rice in a spicy Thai chili sauce



Coconut Cake

Light & fluffy cake made from fresh coconuts topped with a whipped icing & coconut custard


Thai Custard with Sweet Sticky Rice

Sweet coconut custard over a bed of sweet sticky rice and glazed in a coconut cream sauce


Mango sticky rice

Fresh mango pair with sweet sticky rice and glazed with a homemade coconut sauce



Thai Iced Tea

Freshly brewed spiced black tea, sugar, and milk, sweet, creamy flavors.


Thai Iced Coffee

Brewed beans from Thailand, creamy and light flavors.




Diet Coke


Pink Lemonade




Dr. Pepper


Shirley Temple


Arnold Palmer


Roy Rogers




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